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The House

Dear guests.

In 2007 looking for a place to buy, I found "the house", at the time it was the studio of a sculptor and originally a coach house from a building, facing the main street on the way up to Saint George's castle. The coach house from the 18th century was completely abandoned, but the decision to rebuilt it was taken due to its beauty.

During two years the designers carefully brought the building up to the most modern standards without destroying the ancient brick ceilings, stone sinks and arched doorways, mixing it all up with contemporary furniture, lovely fabrics and pastel colours, giving a particularly restful feeling to the atmosphere. Therefore 2 apartments were open to the public in 2012.
It was a" journey" for us to rebuilt the place for you, we hope you enjoy your stay in Lisbon and in the house, as much as we enjoyed our "journey".

Thank you.
Teresa Albarran